USA’s Innerstrength Records announces EP by Singapore’s Overthrown



Yeah – get fucking STOKED now. Not that any of us needed anymore validation on how SICK Overthrown from Singapore is – a band that next year will celebrating 20 years of doing this shit…but on their upcoming release they already have the magical touch of RENOWN producer of hardcore records Don Fury (which is more than enough to be dying to get this record in their hands – the same genius behind records by H2O, Agnostic Front, Sick of it All, Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, Burn…you know, ALL the NYHC greats!), but they’ve also teamed up with some record labels from around the world to continue to spread the Overthrown gospel.

Innerstrength Records will be dutifully releasing this in the US:

Soulwrecked Records will be handling European duties:

And Asia’s own Dangerous Goods Distro will handle it over here:

Let me repeat it again – GET STOKED.

Check out the Don Fury introduction to this EP again but this time wait until the end to hear the FINAL version of one of the tracks…

Overthrown – Walk the Talk EP coming REAL soon!

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