Vocalist of STREETS OF RAGE Launches First Ever Card Game SKELETENS [Hong Kong]

Danny, the homie from Hong Kong hardcore band STREETS OF RAGE, has just launched his first-ever card game entitled SKELETENS.

Danny sent in the deets, “I created this game during the pandemic when I had temporarily lost my job and was playing lots of card games with friends, I thought to myself I could do this so then spent the next year focused on creating, illustrating and play-testing the game until I was overjoyed with the results. I wanted to make something anyone could pick up and play with minimal understanding of games/gaming and enjoy without constantly wondering if they were following the rules fully.”

“I have spent a few years now perfecting the game and am now ready to launch it on Kickstarter. My goal is to get enough funding to make this dream a reality and mass produce this game in the highest quality possible!”

“Skeletens is an all-new, bone-rattling card game, where each player vies for battlefield supremacy with an army of skeletons! The first player to enlist 10 of their calcium-rich, creaky comrades are declared the victors. Each player draws from a shared deck multifariously filled with bony, battle-ready brethren. Recruit skeletons to fill out your side of the play field in order to declare victory. Along the way you can draw and use attack, defence or tower cards to increase defences or batter your opponent’s. There are loads of combos and secrets to unfold during the course of the game. Best of all, it’s so easy to pick up and play that any bonehead can do it!”

If you want to get in on the fun – go click this link HERE and help support the project.



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