Vocalist of The Stalins – Michiro Endo – Passes Away. Rest in Power. [Japan]

Japanese punk rock legends The Stalins were a highly influenced punk rock band formed in 1980. Their vocalist, Michiro Endo, passed away to pancreatic cancer. The world has been mourning this which has been beautiful to see that the world which usually bends on the Western axis when it comes to anything punk rock, hardcore-related, for once is stopping and looking over our way. That was the impact of this wonderful human being and what he gave to the world.

Rest in Power Michiro.

“The Stalin (ザ・スターリン?, stylized as THE STALIN) were an influential Japanese punk rock band formed in June 1980, by leader and vocalist Michiro Endo. After numerous member changes, he disbanded the group in February 1985. In May 1987 Michiro formed a group called Video Stalin, which mostly made videos instead of albums, they disbanded in 1988. In 1989 Michiro created a new band named Stalin and continued to make music with them until 1993.

Circa 1979, Michiro Endo, a 29 year-old socialist activist, formed a punk band called Jieitai (自衛隊?), named after Japan’s Self-Defense Forces. Several of their songs would later become The Stalin songs, such as “Ideologist”, “Niku” and their versions of “No Fun” and “Light My Fire”.

1980–1981: Beginning

In June 1980 Endo formed The Stalin. He chose the name because “Joseph Stalin is very hated by most people in Japan, so it is very good for our image.”Originally a three piece with Endo on vocals and bass, Atsushi on guitar and Jun on drums. Shintaro joined as bassist later in the month, however their first single, “Dendou Kokeshi”, was already recorded without him and was released on September 5, 1980. On April 7, 1981, they released the Stalinism EP. In July Tam replaced Atsushi on guitar. On November 4, at a live performance at Kanto Gakuin High School, Endo is arrested for indecent exposure. On December 24, 1981, they released their first full length album, the half studio/half live, Trash.

1982–1985: The End

The Stalin were one of the bands to star in Sogo Ishii’s movie Burst City, released on March 13, 1982.Their concert on June 24 was the last with drummer Jun, however he still appears on their major label debut album Stop Jap, as well as their first major label single “Romantist”, both released on July 1, as they were recorded before he left. “Romantist” is a reworked version of “Ideologist” from Trash, and has become their most well-known song worldwide. Hitoshi joins as drummer in July 1982. Sogo Ishii also directed a promotional video for “Romantist”, as well as “Stop Jap” and their next single “Allergy”, which was released on August 25. Their concert on September 27, 1982, was the last with Hitoshi. In November Keigo joins on drums, but leaves in December along with Tam.

In January 1983, Makoto joins on guitar and Tatsuya on drums. On February 10, they released their fourth single “Go Go Stalin”. Their next album Mushi and single “Nothing”, are both released on April 25. After a June 11 gig, Makoto and Tatsuya leave. Also in June 1983 Shintaro leaves. At a concert on September 17, Teruya and former member Jun, play as guest support on guitar and drums respectively.

In early 1984, June-Bleed joins as guitarist. But on March 17, 1984, he leaves and is eventually replaced by Masahiro. Also in March, Jun rejoins the band on drums and Teruya joins as bassist. In May, their song “Chicken Farm” appeared on MRR’s international Welcome to 1984 compilation.The concert on June 3 was the last with Masahiro and Teruya. Also in June Hiroshi would become support bassist, never officially joining. Masayuki joined on guitar in August 1984. Their last album Fish Inn was released on November 20. After their concert on December 29, Endo announced “This is the end of The Stalin”. Although their true last concert was held on February 21, 1985 at Chofu Daiei Studio and was entitled “I was the Stalin”. The show was recorded and released, on both VHS, Last Live – Zessan Kaisan Naka!!, and double LP, For Never – Last Live, on May 25, 1985. (Wikipedia)”

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