Vocalist of Hong Kong Band Seasons For Change Trying To Uncover Mom’s Death in the Philippines

Here in Hong Kong, our community of underground bands is small, so when something tragic takes place in the lives of anyone involved, it typically reverberates throughout our small community.

About a month ago, Kenta, vocalist of Hong Kong band Seasons for Change, announced that his mother was found dead in the Philippines while visiting her relatives. (He is of mixed race – his mom is Filipino and his dad is Japanese.) His mom’s body was cremated immediately without an autopsy being conducted and then from then on the mystery behind his mom’s death continues to get murkier and murkier.

Below is a full write-up from himself personally and a recap video that he put together so that more people (especially those of you living in the Philippines) can understand what’s going on and offer help if you’re able to.

He just wants to know the truth.

“There was definitely something suspicious about my mother’s death.”

“Don’t let bad people get away with criminal acts…don’t assume that all deaths are actually covid related. Otherwise, people are going to get away with things like rape and murder…

My mother died on the 8th of September. It doesn’t make sense. A lot of things that happened before and after she died didn’t make sense. Our relatives there have stayed quiet. They have avoided answering our questions. There was definitely something suspicious about my mother’s death. The hospital, even though the relatives suspected covid, allowed them to take my mother’s body out of the hospital and to a chapel. She got cremated without a proper death certificate. The covid result was a low quality image on the phone. No cause of death. No autopsy. No evidence.

The thing with all this is that…I’m not just dealing with my awful relatives in the Philippines… But I also have to deal with this systemic problem that allowed for this mess to happen in the first place.”

To keep yourself up to date, or if you can help, contact Kenta directly via the following channels below.

Our hearts go out to Kenta and his entire family as they not only have lost a mother, wife, sister, but even trying to bring this chapter to a close as a way to bring peace to their family seems like an impossible task.




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