Vocalist of Dagger/Parellel Horizons Launches Solo Project Scriptvre – Debut Single Up Now [Hong Kong]

Naseem is the vocalist of Hong Kong acts Dagger and Parallel Horizons and tonight he’s launched his debut single from his solo project Scriptvre. The first single is a music video for the track Captive (the song is also streaming on Bandcamp – link below). Check out the full killer write up below:

“Scriptvre started off with a random idea I posted on Instagram. I used to upload snippets of ideas for fun, and one time I was doing a live writing session where people can comment what I should do for the next part of the song, and I would do that part, upload to story and let people comment again. So the final thing which was around a minute long was posted on my Instagram feed and a good friend of mine Lala Lin from Taiwan just sent a message to say hey let’s work on something, and that song became a full song. From there I realised that I can collaborate with so many friends and singers that are not involved with my existing bands like Parallel Horizons and Dagger. It was so easy, I literally just had to send them a message and invite them to collaborate on something. It’s one of those things that I never thought about doing, so I’m really thankful to Lala for starting this whole crazy idea.

Scriptvre currently has a few songs that features different singers. The original plan was to release an album, but since I’m doing the mixing I can really only do it in my free time, so I’m going to be releasing the songs one by one until all of them are mixed, then I’ll release the album with the tracks in my original track order so that it can be listened to as a whole story or vibe. I do have a few rough ideas for a few other singers. What I currently have are all English songs, but I really want to do some Cantonese songs too. I’m not confident in my Chinese at all but there are so many talented singers and lyricists in Hong Kong and I’m really can’t wait to start working with them.

Originally the song with Lala was supposed to be the first single, but there was an ongoing issue of the producer being too busy and the release date kept getting delayed. Eventually I started working on Captive, which was supposed to be the second song. I started mixing and was slowly reaching a point where I feel like I can make the song sound the way I want it to, not perfect but as I intended it to sound and feel like. Then around a week ago the producer basically told me that he’s just too busy so I decided maybe it’s a sign that I should do the mix myself too. Captive is the debut single not only because I started working on it first, but also because it’s a more hard-hitting and chaotic song than the rest of the songs. I think whoever you are or whatever your situation is, we are all in a hard place with everything that’s going on locally and globally, especially here in Hong Kong where I live. This is the song that I feel like I can resonate more with right now.

My good friend and band mate Shaun Apellido leaves his mark on every Scriptvre song. I have great respect for his technique and passion and I never release anything serious without his approval on drums. On vocals I have my good friend Calvin who wrote most of the words and melodies. I’ve been working with Calvin for a while and his creativity on both vocals and drumming still amazes me. The video was shot in our practice room with an iPhone and some regular lamps. Everything is super DIY, even the smoke is just us taking turns vaping on the side. It was an absolute pleasure shooting and editing the video, and all the DIY stuff really reminded me of what I love about music and being friends with people who share your vision and are willing to work together to make things happen.”

Follow everything about Scriptvre at the following links:
IG: https://www.instagram.com/naseem.scriptvre/
BANDCAMP: https://scriptvre.bandcamp.com/

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