Our Video Interview on New York Hardcore Chronicles Is Up Now!

It’s about 6am right now here in Hong Kong and I just wrapped up a live interview on the New York Hardcore Chronicles show! It’s a weekly show that’s been running since April of this year hosted by the one man machine Drew Stone (vocalist of Antidote, videographer/filmmaker extraordinaire) who has spent hours every week preparing and running a show documenting not only the NYHC scene but worldwide as well (read more about it HERE). I was featured on the “Global Unity” edition along with my brother Li You of Beijing hardcore band Unregenerate Blood. We covered a lot of ground in the two hours we were on…you can watch the full episode below.

Thank you to everyone that watched and chimed in with the comments (Hoya even said what’s up! WHAT?!)! I can’t believe there are actually people around the world who have heard of me, heard of King Ly Chee, heard of UniteAsia.org…means the world.

Thank you of course to Drew for even inviting us on in the first place to be able to shed some light on what we’ve been doing out here in Hong Kong/China. Our scenes are fairly young here in Hong Kong/China…but the scenes in Southeast Asia (and of course Japan) have been at this for up to 40 years!

Thank you to anyone who is coming on to this site for the first time because of hearing about it on this episode! Please help us spread the word so our Asian hardcore, punk, metal, indie-rock bands can get more exposure out wherever you live! We have a passionate community of bands that people just don’t know about because there’s no real platform that is putting it out there. That’s what we’re about…

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Peace and thank you so much! If you haven’t heard Li You or my bands…check ’em out further below. I am also about to drop music from a brand NEW band that I’ve been working on (I’m back on vocals! Woohoo!).

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My band King Ly Chee that I started in 1999:

My latest band Dagger that started in 2017 (I’m on guitar):

Li You’s band Unregenerate Blood:

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