Riz [UniteAsia/King Ly Chee/Dagger] To Be Interviewed on The New York Hardcore Chronicles

Goddamn! This is a big announcement for us out here in the world of Asia and Unite Asia for sure!

Back in April of this year videographer, documentarian, vocalist, all-round NYHC diehard, Drew Stone started an incredibly important and profound live podcast entitled The New York Hardcore Chronicles Live. The title itself, for those of us in the know, is the title of the crucial documentary about the NYHC scene Drew released back in 2017.

I still remember watching the trailer and getting pumped because I knew I was about to hear all the stories right from the mouths of the people who gave birth to this worldwide movement, a movement that impacted literally the entire planet. And when I finally pressed play, I memorized every single word…that’s how important that documentary was.

After releasing the documentary, Drew continued a series of youtube videos where he approached important movers and shakers of the New York scene to answer 10 questions:

And since April…the man’s passion has gone into further overdrive (didn’t even think that was humanly possible) with WEEKLY live video podcasts that come complete with a lively chat room, and awesome co-hosts like Ratbones, Sid Da Kid, Steven J. Messina discussing their favorite toys, photos and whatnot and who often come back after the interviews to talk about their favorite memories of the bands being interviewed.

But of course, the main reason people tune in is to hear the MAD in-depth interviews with the likes of Hoya [Madball], Dave Smalley [Dag Nasty, etc], Danny Diablo [Crown of Thornz], Armand [Sick of it All], Porcell [Judge/Youth of Today], Stigma [Agnostic Front], Dan Lilker [Nuclear Assault, SOD], Charlie [Gorilla Biscuits, CIV], I mean fuck…the list of hardcore royalty who’ve come on the show goes on and on! Not only do these guests come on and share deeply personal stories about their journey to hardcore, while being a roadie for Sick of it All [Toby Morse] for example, but many of these legendary guests make REPEAT visits as special guests. It’s super cool to sit there listening and suddenly Stigma and Roger come back on as special guests to add more context to stories being told and shared! Another cool thing is when the host Drew surprises the guests with hilarious photos and videos that throw the guests for a loop! Also, the people in the comments section include luminaries who show up to leave comments, questions, or add more context like Mike Judge!

If you haven’t been watching this…I honestly don’t know what the fuck you been doing.

Today I’m excited to announce that Drew has invited myself and my brother Li You of Beijing hardcore band Unregenerate Blood for the December 20th episode of the show! It’s a live show so that means Li You and I will be logging into the show at about 2am our time! hahahahahaha…

To be invited to talk about China/Hong Kong hardcore is beyond a dream – as a listener these past few months I never thought we’d be asked to come on and talk about our journeys…stoked beyond belief!

Thank you Drew and anyone out there and around the world that has been supporting worldwide hardcore!

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