UAE based metal band Regus announce new music video

REGUS, the young, self-trained UAE-based metal band from Pakistan and India is making rounds among the next generation of heavy metal in the UAE.

Upon winning the 2017 battle of the bands against the majority of the well-known universities, REGUS was offered an opportunity to shoot a professional music video for their professionally recorded debut single by Jahanzeb Zaffar (director) and Irfan Omar (Music producer; member of rock band Nikotin), starring polished actress/model/race car driver Juliana Grasman.

This has also been a true passion project for everyone involved, as they all wish to make a strong mark and impression on the music scene in Dubai and beyond, and therefore fortifying Prog metal’s place in the region. As several producers and studios/production companies are reluctant to advocate or support such band fairly enough.

The music video is currently in preproduction and extremely positive reviews are already coming through from people who were able to see an exclusive screening.

Here’s a word from the band (Rayyan Mir, Kyle D’souza and Mustafa Mir) itself!

“The road to Unknown Skies: the final part of the journey to our debut single starts today! We are both excited and nervous that this is finally coming to fruition, and hope for its success; as one would expect with the help of polished talents, Irfan Omar, Jahanzeb Zaffar and Juliana. Going from a young passionate bunch wanting to make some cool sounds in the basement to a chance at widespread recognition is something we aren’t taking for granted. March 20th, is in our midst!”

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