Thai Metalcore Band Cursed In White Drop Music Video Feat. Mitchell of Above The Fallen

Thai metalcore band Cursed in White has dropped a killer music video for the track The Ghost in Me. The track comes off the band’s full length There’s no god behind the cloud to be released on Blackat Records and features Mitchell Rawlings from Above The Fallen.

The band also released a cool interview with Mitchell on their FB page which we’ve included below:

How did you join this project?
Earth (Vocalist) hit me up and asked if I would do some guest vocals on a new song they had in the works. Heard their sound and was stoked to bring my style into the mix.

“…battling with mental health issues is something I am very familiar with…”

How did you approach what you were going to write about in this song?
The song was very easy to dive into, battling with mental health issues is something I am very familiar with. I’ll take any chance to share my experiences with it, writing about this type of stuff is therapeutic. I don’t hold back. I like to dive into my mental state when writing.

What’s it like to guest on a track by a Thai Band?
I feel great about it, and also feel super privileged to work with a band internationally. This was my first feature at the time, so it was exciting to collaborate with a band so far away.

Tell us about some details when you working on this song.
I usually tend to write from a dark & angry place. So really I just treated it like it was my own song. I’m very excited to share this with everyone. It was great to feature on such an already solid track.

Is this project similar to Above The Fallen?
I can definitely relate to both bands for sure. We both write from a personal point of view. Which is something I respect a lot.

What were your thoughts when you heard the words “The Ghost In Me”?
To me, it’s battling with past experiences and trying to move forward. Its definitely a fitting name, as well as strong line executed throughout the song

Have you ever found yourself at a low point in your life? And how did you escape from that darkness and help manage your life to move forward?
I think everyone has a lowest point, some lower than others. I think what counts the most is what you do with it. I took every bit of negative energy and poured it into music. Music has always been an escape for me, the bands that inspired me were always the ones that had the most personal music. It showed me not to be afraid of expressing myself.” is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!