We Stand in Solidarity With The Philippines And Their Fight Against The “Anti-Terror Law”

Punks in the Philippines have banded together to release a compilation album entitled Know Your Enemy. Who is their adversary? The ridiculously written “Anti-Terror” Law. As people living out here in Hong Kong with zero information before our own version went into effect this past July 1, we want to make sure we stand in solidarity with our friends in the Philippines.

Read on.

Choke Cocoi

“Hours before the implementation of the newly enacted Republic Act No. 11479, also known as the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, Punks in the Philippines released an online compilation album entitled, “Know Your Enemy Vol. II.” The said album was officially released on the night of July 17, 2020.

“’Know Your Enemy Vol. II’ is an effort of the Punk community and its related genres, to show resistance against the Republic Act No. 11479, also known as the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020. This is a response of almost 70 bands and artists, from different parts of the country and abroad, to the continuous intimidation and silencing of the Duterte administration’s critics and dissenters with the enactment of the said law,” as stated in the description of the said compilation album.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte signed RA 11479 on the 3rd of July despite the massive opposition from various sectors. “It has not gone unnoticed by the people that the ulterior purpose of this law is to suppress growing dissent and criticism towards the current administration. Duterte and his minions deceitfully enacted this law, aware that the people’s discontent continues to rise due to their criminal neglect and incompetence regarding the COVID-19 pandemic response,” according to the local punk group, Dirty Shoes Collective, one of the initiators of the said compilation album.


Punks in the Philippines and in the US have criticized the Anti-Terror Law even before it was enacted. Using platforms in social media and joining protest actions, they have actively voiced out their opposition to the newly enacted law. “We all know the implications of said law on the Punk scene as well as other related circles – censorship of songs, zines, visual art, and other expressive forms, regulation, or much worse, suppression of our shows, gatherings, and food-sharing or community-building activities. It is even possible for one of us to end up incarcerated due to the vague and expansive definition of a terrorist act. This law seeks to repress our freedom of expression, a foundation of Punk as a culture.”


The online compilation album is free for streaming and download and is on a “pay-what-you-can” basis. According to the album’s description, 100% of its sales shall be used to assist punks, artists, or any individual, being accused of terrorism under the RA 11479, in their legal battles or, if ever, as their bail fund.

The organizers of the compilation album also encourage fellow punks and artists to stand and be in solidarity with what they call “the continuous struggle against tyranny, fascism, and State neglect.”

“Criticism and dissent is not terrorism. Fighting injustice and struggling for social change is not terrorism. We, as punks and artists, are not terrorists. We will not bow down to fascism. To further our advocacies, everyone is also encouraged to hold various forms of offline activities to fight for our rights and freedom,” the group ended.##

Know Your Enemy Vol. II (V/A) https://knowyourenemyvol2.bandcamp.com/album/know-your-enemy-vol-ii
Contact: [email protected]

We hope our dear friends in the Philippines will also stand with us here in Hong Kong as we continue to resist as well.

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