Thai Cambodian Melodic Black Metal Act Nagoriach Release New EP [Thailand]

One man melodic black metal act Nagoriach has released a new EP on Heathen Records out of Thailand.

According to the label, “This is the latest EP from a group with ethnic members. Thai-Cambodian style in Melodic Black Metal under the concept of Ancient Khmer civilization combined with black metal music with smooth melodies. The band’s first EP which came as a solo project by One Man Band is composed and recorded by himself. The whole set, with the same name as the band, comes in a melodic black metal style with an Asian sound. The style is clearly different from other bands with the content of the songs. go out through civilization and ancient rituals combined with the black metal music part that has a heavy metal accent in the background. as well as the high-pitched screams of the devil and add color with solos in some tracks.”

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