Straight Edge Hardcore Band No Excuse Are Here To Make Your Weekend – New EP [Indonesia]

Straight edge hardcore band No Excuse have been tearing it up since their inception and their brand new fiery EP ‘Desperate Search’ maintains that tradition. When you think of youth crew-style bands you immediately think of a much more positive mindset when dealing with the fucked up world we live in, but No Excuse ain’t having any of that. “And I question myself if this means so much more than words. Will I ever surrender? Those days are gone, the world is fucked, I’m still holding on. Still, holding on,” which to many of us hardcore “kids” probably sounds very familiar as we consider whether our own commitment to this movement has finally begun to wane. Regardless of how we feel about it in the current day, it’s still something we continue to hold on to.

The EP is out now on Set The Fire Records in Indonesia and Fired Stomp Records in Japan.

I’ll make my stand with X on my hand.
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