SICK Osaka Hardcore Mini-Documentary Streaming Now! Feat. Palm, Sand, Numbernine!

YOOOOOOOO…this is SOOO sick! A brand new one-man operation called Human Cage Protocol has just released their very FIRST in a series of videos documenting the Japanese hardcore scene. The very first 25-minute video is a fucking BANGER – it chronicles Japanese hardcore band Numbernine as they set off to celebrate the release of their debut album ‘Livin’ Groove’ (streaming below) in their hometown of Osaka. And to celebrate their hometown guess who the band invites out? Osaka legends motherfucking SAND and PALM. What an insane lineup!?! And lucky for all of you, Human Cage Protocol have edited a full video together including interviews (in English!!!) featuring Kai the vocalist of Numbernine as he talks you through how he got into hardcore and how he describes his love and appreciation for those bands who came before his own – the mighty Sand and Palm.

Dude this is SOOOOOO well done. We even asked Human Cage Protocol about their inspiration, and they were quick to reply.

“Even though there are so many cool hardcore bands in Japan they’re actually not very popular here. A lot of young people don’t come watch shows. I wondered if it was because we were so behind in capturing and documenting our scene in terms of live videos/music videos the way people are doing in the US and Europe (197 Media, Hate5Six, David Tan, etc). And this isn’t just for hardcore, it’s the same case for other genres as well. So then I started looking around for strong filmmakers/videographers but it was hard to find someone in the scene, so I decided to just do it myself!”

Go support Human Cage Protocol by subscribing to their channel HERE. Human Cage Protocol is already hard at work editing their SECOND video! Can’t wait!

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