Shoecidal Tendencies EP02 – “Saucony G9 Shadow 6 Mint Chocolate Chip” Shoe Review

Shoecidal Tendencies

Episode 2 of our boy Rogel’s new youtube channel Shoecidal Tendencies dedicated to the almighty sneaker is up now! Check it out below and check out the music he chose to use for this episode! You might hear some familiar voices – 7 to be exact…he chose King Ly Chee’s most recent re-recording of the song Unite Asia. Pretty sick how this little act can send out a powerful message – all videos need to have some background music, and how sick is it that he chose to use music from a fellow Asian band?

As the header suggests – this time Rogel puts some love and commentary on a pair of shoes by Saucaony:

Shoecidal Tendencies Shoecidal Tendencies

While the main review is on the G9 Shadow 6 Mint Chocolate Chip…at the end of the video he throws in a DOPE ass pair of the Saucony Grid 9000’s! SICK…

Shoecidal Tendencies

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