Saigon Metalhood Release Soundtrack Album Featuring Metal Bands From Vietnam

Saigon Metalhood is a documentary about underground Vietnamese heavy metal – and have today released the soundtrack to the first-ever compilation of the most talented bands to come out of the Southeast Asian country’s biggest city.

“Excited to announce that the official Saigon Metalhood soundtrack album is now available for purchase and download! With the graceful support and blessing of many Saigonese metal bands, we put together a mix of tracks included in the film, and some from outside the film, with the hope of spreading the bands further around the world. Buying the album is a huge support to us and Saigon Metalhood. We’ll be posting soon a track-by-track breakdown of the album, the background of each song and why we chose them!”

1. Wừu – Rơi
2. Rotten Red Machine – Rise to Fall
3. Hysterical Buffalo – Vực Thẳm
4. Wừu – Ngu Mà Lì
5. Onslave – Bleeding Pride
6. Coexist – Đánh Mất
7. Lolotica – Phố Mơ Xa
8. Atmosphere – Mắt Xích
9. Sagometal – Phantom of Rock
10. ROT – They Leave Before the Sun Rise
11. Disgusted – Proud to Be an Idiot
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