Punk Rock Bangkok Announce Brand New Thailand Hardcore Fest – For the Scene Fest

Underground group, Punk Rock Bangkok have teamed together with venue, Speakerbox to bring Thailand hardcore kids ‘For The Scene Fest‘. This plans to be a regular event according to Punk Rock Bangkok, which the aim is to bring together the underground community to listen to some great bands and have a fun time together.

For those unfamiliar with Punk Rock Bangkok, they are a highly active community that puts on shows, releases compilations and are actively involved in promoting shows coming through Thailand. They’re the best.

Swiss band, Cancel are on a tour of South East Asia which should include shows in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. For their stop in Bangkok they will join this local hardcore show which will include local acts; Born From Pain, Depressed, Grimtooth, Harsh, High Voltage, Duality Power, Of Victims & Prey and The Lunatix.

“Hardcore has made a big impact on my life, it’s how I met Charlie and a lot of my friends here, so naming ‘For The Scene’ couldn’t make more sense… It’s all about the scene. We plan this to be a regular event where we can showcase the best of Thailand’s underground to people and get kids together for a fun time. Instead of making it a regular show we had the idea to make it more of an ‘event’ with free giveaways, kind of like a gift back to the music scene that we love. ”
– Nicco, Punk Rock Bangkok

The show is being held at Speakerbox, a live music venue in the Thong Lor area of Bangkok, which reopened last year and has started to hold more underground shows. There will also be a bunch of sponsors giving away free tickets and merch. Holding On Records and Witchhunter Productions will give away a free ticket to Power Trip, Holding on Records will give away a free ticket to Regulate and Krust, Blast Magazine will give away some of their merch, local tattoo studio Tptat2 will give away a free tattoo and their should be more giveaways from Speakerbox and Punk Rock Bangkok.

“We started Punk Rock Bangkok to try and bring more people together and so this show came about to try and get more people to come out and enjoy more than just a show. We are really happy our friends were able to support us with so many good giveaways. I think this really sums up the scene with people coming together like this and doing it for the scene”.
– Charlie, Punk Rock Bangkok

For the Scene Fest takes place on Sunday 9th February.

Check out music from the lineup below:

Born From Pain

High Voltage

Duality Power




The Lunatix

Cancel [Switzerland]

Of Victims & Prey

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