REVIEW: Daiei Spray | Isn’t Brazing (2017)

BAND: Daiei Spray (Japan)
RELEASE: Isn’t Brazing 10″ (2017)
LABEL: Sakanade Records
REVIEWER: Unite Asia

There aren’t many bands that hit it outta the park on their first official release, but 4 piece hardcore punk act Daiei Spray out of Japan have taken their DC hardcore influenced ruckus and fucking NAILED it.

Having never heard Daiei Spray before, we first came across the music video that set the tone for this debut release by the band:

Within the first few seconds of the music blasting through our speakers, we were hooked. We searched the internet far and wide to get more info on the band, and then we stumbled across their record label Sakanade Records who are proudly releasing this record. Within a few emails of pleasantries, the owner said he’d send us a copy of the 10″. (Little did we know the owner of the label is the band’s guitarist – DIY for life baby!)

This is what we hold proudly in our hands today. It actually arrived a few days ago and it hasn’t left the decks ever since. The 7 tracks are a blast of fresh air for hardcore. Lately hardcore has been about the chugging sounds of the 90’s back when the punk elements of hardcore took a back seat allowing the metal elements to flourish a little bit. We as lifelong metalheads find zero issues with that of course hahaha, but it is always good to get a balance of hardcore from the metal to crossover to thrash to the emotional, and of course back to when it sounds closer to its roots – punk rock. All of these variations is what hardcore is…it should be a free spirit allowed to be brought to life in any form people desire.

Daiei Spray keep their brand of hardcore to the punk rock sounds of DC hardcore giants Dag Nasty. While listening, the band made us think of another contemporary band currently making the rounds who have a similar penchant for DC hardcore – Praise.

Like Praise, Daiei Spray lean heavily on the emotional side of hardcore punk rock through the soul bearing humility expressed in song. Side 1 delivers a 4 track knock out punch with Antenna, Age, Go, Gain laying the groundwork for the band’s high octane punk rock. The music is a tight delivery of intricate punk all honed in under a SOLID rhythm section via drummer Saito and bassist Onodera who hold it down HARD. Only upon repeat listens will the magic these two share really blow you away. Vocally, Yagi slays the mic expertly both screaming and singing melody in English and Japanese often all within one song . His ability to dive in and out of various styles of singing is a feat rarely seen, especially of late. We would’ve loved to have been in the studio when he was laying these tracks down. To get into that head space to be able to add so much emotionality to hardcore must have been a sight to see.

That’s just side 1 peeps.

Side 2 starts with a straight ripper – Tazuna. The track explodes right before it fucks with you taking you on a whole different sonic adventure. After picking your jaw back up off the ground, this is moment of the release when you should completely be won over by this band’s obvious musical talent. From here on out you’ll sit back and just let the band take firm control. By the end of the 7 tracks, you take a quick breath, before flipping the record back to side 1 to take you on that ride again. And then again. And again. And again.

This is fucking a BEAUTIFUL piece of wax that one needs to own. Right now.

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