Punk Band Nonentities Release Vinyl Edition of Full Length / Announce Release Show [Philippines]

If you’ve been to a show in the Philippines, there’s no way you have not heard of Nonentities, a band that is more than the sum of its parts. Nonentities capture the sound of a raging, questioning mind about how the real gods are the material things we desire and worship (Track: Subservience) or about finding peace in a world full of repeating hatred (Track: Past the Sisyphean). In December of 2021, the band released their amazing full-length ‘Autonimbus’ digitally and today have released the vinyl version of the record on Still Ill Records.

The label states, “The LP starts off with a rolling guitar shred of the track ‘Witness the Shedding’, and takes you on a journey throughout the record, a story the band needs to tell. Upon hearing the record, it left me questioning things, and in a good way”.

“The artwork is also a compelling reason to grab the LP, as each song has its own artwork by Carlo de Guzman.”

The LP is available via Still Ill Records’ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stillillrecords

If you’re in the Philippines don’t forget to head out to the record release show on May 14 at One Two Three Block (info in the flyer below)

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