PREMIERE: Stoked To Premiere PRIME’s Music Video For The Track Can’t Be That Bad [Indonesia]

Yo man…our love for this band PRIME out of Indonesia goes beyond what our little simple words can express. They embody all that we love of hardcore – mixing elements from the more melodic end of the spectrum. You got Ignite, Pennywise, Dag Nasty, Gorilla Biscuits, CIV, all mixed in…all through the carefully curated hands of these amazing dudes in the band.

Below check out a badass new music video for one of our favorite tracks off their debut EP – actually ALL the songs are our favorites.

What’s up guys! The debut is fucking AWESOME! Can you tell us a background of the music created?
Thank you! glad you like it !!

Some of the bands we know start it with the ambition of doing the same way like the band they love the most. Some of them want to sound like Madball, Youth of Today, Agnostic Front, etc. They were trying to act like the band that they admire. As for us, we were trying to replicate the process of how the idea came from. Fugazi had the ability of making music that they never heard before. Angel Du$t created hardcore music with a scent of Lemonheads and Alternative Rock. We were investing our effort to steal their way of thinking.

How did you guys write these songs? What was the process?
The process was quite simple. We were avoiding to listen hardcore punk music when producing the songs. The idea was to explore some of ingredients from other music genres by listening to 90s Alternative Rock, so that we can serve fresh menu to the table.

Why did you guys to start a hardcore band that is more based on melody?
We love the tunes. Gang Green and Bad Brains are also melody-based punk hardcore band.

Where was the album recorded and was their a producer/engineer that helped with overall song structure/arrangement?
It was recorded at Benji Music Studio. Me and Dr. Raww took the role of producing and directing the music arrangement.

Now that the record is out are you surprised by the reaction? I mean the songs all rule from start to finish so I’m not surprised myself that you guys are getting a good response.
We were like ohh shit it happened to please many of them. We were more than happy to receive the appreciation.

What’s next for you guys?
We are dreaming of Java Weekend Tour and hope to be able to have the opportunity to do SEA Tour. And we are now back to the kitchen to cook some new shits for our upcoming Full Length Release. We come to a point of realization that Shades of Color was not being delivered perfectly. We need to bring more colors to the world. To Asian Hardcore Punk scene.

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