PREMIERE: Punk Band Rebel Hifi Raise a Middle Finger to Israel’s IDF On Debut EP [Singapore]

Singapore punk rock band Rebel Hifi has been teasing music for a few months now, today that wait’s finally over.

The band just surprised the world with the FULL debut EP ‘Rebel Sound’, a 5 track EP of punk rock fury from the shores of the Lion City. There’s so much that stands out, but as we’ve been writing about how our hearts hurt for the people of Palestine, what caught our attention immediately of course was a song called ‘IDF’.

“You think you’re hero, you’re just a murderer
You pick up another child, without a reason why!
You live your life with full of hate, thinking that you’re so great
All you do is take and take obey your master of hate!

Terrorising innocence makes you feel so great!
Robbing up the land that is not for you to take!
What is wrong with you don’t you know your heart is dead!
Come a little closer and let me tell you this!

Why don’t hang up your boots
And stop trying to be a fool
Before these boots walk all over you (Chorus 2 X)”


Regarding the band, Syed (vocalist) added, “For Rebel HiFi I just want us to be an old school Punk Rock band nothing fancy and no guitar solos just plenty of feedbacks and pure raw sound. Even for my guitar is just plug and play through Marshall amp at Ah Boy’s. The band happened so quickly because we just clicked instantly. Me together with Baba and Ijan of The Bois, we jammed a couple of times of our original stuff and went straight to TNT and book our recording sessions. This is our first EP release and hopefully, we get to release a full-length album. The EP cassette will be out soon under Dangerous Goods and major streaming platforms will be out soon as well.”

Dangerous Goods has released orders HERE.

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