PREMIERE: Malaysian Emotive Punk Band Social Circuit Release Animated Music Video

PREMIERE | Social Circuit

We are as always truly honored when some of Asia’s greatest and hardest working acts choose to premiere music through us. This emotive punk band Social Circuit out of Malaysia should be well known not just for the incredible musicians that make up the band, but for the beautiful music that the four of them have come together to create. With every track that they put out into the world, they just get better and better each and every time.

Today the band is premiering their awesome music video for the track In Line off their brand new EP Borrowed Time (streaming below).

Vocalist Dean had this to say about this awesome animated video:

“In Line is the first official visual from our newest EP, Borrowed Time. For this music video, we collaborated with a local art crew called WSTDxCRW to come up with this animated visual. We worked with them for a few months in which time they also came up with a couple of merchandise ideas for our upcoming Japan Tour.

The video shows the protagonist in a dilemma where she feels she deserves to get what she wants instead of waiting for her turn, so she ‘skips’ the line hoping to get to where she wants to be. But things don’t turn out the way she wanted. We see this as a representation of what we deal with in our daily life; our frustrations, anticipations, and the unknown. But we believe that we grow as people by going through all the good and the bad that come our way, and there is no shortcut in life.”

As mentioned above, the band is a highly active constantly putting out music, playing shows and touring. They are about to hit Japan for the first time for a slew of dates with another awesome Japanese punk act Bearwear in tow.

“We’ve been planning the Japan Tour for a while and we approached Kou Nakagawa of Ungulates Tokyo to help us book the tour. It’s a DIY tour so we have to cover a lot of the things ourselves. So to help with these costs we did a series of shows called “Sayonara” around Klang Valley and worked together with 3 different venues; Rumah Api, Live Fact and Atas By BijanFX. We were overwhelmed by the support of the bands that agreed to support the show and had a lot of fun along the way. Now we are about 1 week away from the tour, getting ready and pumped up for everything.”

We mentioned that besides writing music and touring, the band also HOSTS shows right?

“Coming back from Tokyo, we are going to host 2 Tokyo bands, Dizzy Sunfist and Country Yard on 20th November at ATAS by BijanFX. After that we will be taking a short break to prepare for our 3 way split with Singapore and Indonesian bands. It might be out in January or February followed by a tour in those 3 countries. We are looking forward to what 2019 has in store for us!”

Go support the band!

Borrowed Time EP

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