Powerviolence Band Speech Odd Release New EP – Check Out Track By Track Breakdown

YOOOO…stoked for Thai powerviolence band Speech Odd as they celebrate the release of their brand new EP ‘Odd World’ out today all over the planet!

The full EP, in true powerviolence style, consists of 11 songs altogether. “The 11 tracks actually include 5 old songs that we re-recorded to match our new sonic direction. But I actually feel like this EP is now the OFFICIAL launch of the band! hahaha,” states Speech Odd. Continuing with their more DIY approach to the band, the band adds, “We got a good friend to help us with the EP art and they actually used color pencils!” Musically and lyrically, the band continues on with their political approach to delivering a message about the Thai political system that they feel remains “frozen” for now. The EP will be released on vinyl by Shit Resist Records, Coxinha Records, and Mango Records later this year.

For now – go check out this sick track-by-track breakdown of the EP and stream the fuck out of the EP!

1. Judge
This song is about an evil prosecutor that treats every case unfairly to the point that people just become numb and submissive to a system of injustice.

2. Fucx coup
Self-explanatory – fuck the coup!

3. Control
This song is sung in Thai and it’s about feeling oppressed and powerless in this country. A country full of people in despair. When we originally released this song it had a cover for the single depicting a taxi crashing into an oil tank. This actually happened in real life. The taxi driver’s name is Namthong Praiwan and he did this on purpose to protest against the 2006 coup.

4. Sir Yes Sir
Talks about those who follow orders under the orders of tyrants. Sir yes sir!

5. 5 2 right
The power and rights belong to the people.

6. Suffer
This is about oppression under the regime. People have no rights and must surrender.

7. Speech King
Odd speech is a virus.

8. Tyrant
The curse words are against tyrants in Thai.

9. I Don’t Know
This is about the corny responses from the government when they’re asked to explain the problems that exist.

10. Foolish Leader Leads Us to Death
The lyrics are exactly what the title of this song means.

11. Thank you.
No comment.


Photo Credit: Tanik Prasopsorn

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