Post hardcore heroes Rekah release new EP [Indonesia]

Post hardcore heroes Rekah release new EP [Indonesia]…and by heroes, they are our heroes who have been consistently releasing phenomenal shit…CONSISTENTLY…

The band had the following to say about the release:

Berbagi Kamar is a mini-album about anxiety, loss, self-hatred, camaraderie in embracing turmoils within ourselves, and soaring above all of them through making peace with the absurd.

We are fully aware that there is no ethical consumption under capitalism and we really would like to give out this album for free, but we are just a small DIY band from a third-world country who spent a lot amount of money to deliver you this labor of love. If you truly cannot afford to pay for this album, please shot us a message and we’ll see what we can do.

CD and tape are going to be released through Royal Yawns. Visit their website for more details:

Watch the music video for “Tentang Badai…” and “Belajar Tenggelam” here:

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