Post Hardcore Band Brandnew Sunset Revel In Reception Of New Album With New MV

Thai post-hardcore band Brandnew Sunset recently released their sixth full length ‘The Machiner’ and have been ecstatic with the response. The band tonight has released a brand new music video for the longest track on the phenomenal record entitled ‘Hex’. When we asked them about the particular track for the video, their response was “Hex is actually the first song we wrote for this album so it’s kind of the main idea of the album “The Machiner”. In regards to the visuals for this video, it’s keeping in the theme of all our videos for the album (all streaming below). We want the viewer/listener to feel like they’re being consumed by a machine – something that is reprogramming us, humans.”

When we asked if they were surprised at all how well the record has been received, the response was “Well, when we were finished with this record we were so happy with what we were able to do. We’d be lying if we didn’t think that those who listen to us would also found this awesome!” What a refreshing response!

You have to hear the album…it’s by far our favorite Asian release of 2020.

Don’t forget to hit up their record release show if you’re in Bangkok:

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