Pop Punk Band Forgetting69 Release Debut Album [Philippines]

Pop-punk hexad, Forgetting69, has released their debut album “Paghilom” consisting of old-school riffs with hard-hitting and punchy drums, experimental ambiance, and percussion, and, finally, raw emotions to balance everything out. Forgetting69 aims to prove that the local rock scene in the Philippines is not dead, and that you can mix the traditional punk sound with something new. With relatable lyrics and nostalgic tunes, it’ll make you wear your early 2000’s Skullcandy earphones and look back at your teenage days again.

Forgetting69 transferred what they felt into their music and let it do its magic. Sharing personal experiences with one another, incorporating different influences and intentions, and stretching the possibilities of combining different genres formed a rollercoaster ride of an album.

Forgetting69’s members have had their fair share of ups and downs in their lives and have decided to share that energy with their audience to reassure them that they’re not alone – from the first instrumental track that signifies speechlessness, followed by 4 tracks that symbolize thoughts that come to mind when we feel all kinds of emotions and the last 2 tracks that solidify a person’s resolve to let go and move forward with their life from rock bottom to their safe haven.

This album represents a person’s journey towards healing from a tragic relationship, recollecting and reflecting on what happened, and coming to terms with the fact that happiness and pain have to coexist so that we could truly appreciate the beauty in everything.


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