Best Release Thus Far? Check Out Japanese Hardcore Punk Band Shapeshifter’s LP Number 2

You know what gets our attention? 53 seconds of drony noise starting the onslaught of what is Shapeshifter‘s second album ‘Dark Ritual’. If you’re into the chaos of powerviolence/grindcore, then you HAVE to get on this record right fucking now. The band is made up of members of Only the Last Song, Heth, Abiuro, and Sans Visage and was formed in 2020. With all these members the aural damage is a mix of the aforementioned powerviolence and grindcore but also hardcore, black metal, death metal, and even harsh noise – which explains the 53-second drony noise that starts the record.

‘Dark Ritual’ is the follow up to the band’s debut album ‘The Darkest Night’ released in 2021 which the band took on the road playing with such Japanese greats Nervous Light Of Sunday, Otus, Disgunder, Self Deconstruction, Kruelty, Cocobat, Saigan Terror, Invictus, and Rest In Gore. The new album is beingĀ released by Tokyo’s new label Ungulates.

This is easily our favorite release of 2022 thus far – so sick.

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