Pop Punk Band Crushing Grief Release New EP [Indonesia]

Indonesian pop punk unit Crushing Grief have released their second EP ‘Mountains I’ve Climbed’.

‘Mountains I’ve Climbed’ is living proof of maturation and growth for the band since its inception in February 2019. This five-piece heavy pop-punk unit took risks to push themselves artistically and musically, blending broad influences ranging from the so-called ‘sad boy’ pop-punk sound, hardcore, to alternative-emo style popularized in the mid-00s. Citing influences from bands like The Story So Far, Four Year Strong, and Knuckle Puck, these guys also try to redefine the ‘easycore’ genre by playing modern pop-punk mixed with hardcore riffs and two-steps. The lyrics deal with self-growth and really showcase the stepladder from the first track to the last track.

“This EP brings new energy for the band, from the music side it incorporates lots of new influences like clearer hardcore elements and also what sick is we’ve got to collaborate with Indhar from Frontxside who is a big figure for Celebes hardcore scene”

The band recorded the EP on their own, produced and engineered by their guitarists Roger and Matthias in February 2021. The drums are recorded in Rumah Musik Studio with the aid of Andre Kenda as drum engineer and the rest are recorded in Moshpit Records’ home studio.

“From the lyrical content, I think we mature out a lot. Two years ago we wrote about holidays and puppy love. Now we wrote about how we deal with bigger and deeper life problems, like family relationships and personal struggle on life.”

The EP kicks off with ‘Daughter’, a bouncy and anthemic song that truly represents the band’s sound. The first half of the song sounds like a The Story So Far or even early Title Fight song, but then instantly shift into a hardcore part that makes you wanna two-step. Transitioning from that, they gave us a very catchy, singalong-inducing part that will stuck in your head for years. And also, closed with a melodic breakdown at the end of the song. It doesn’t follow traditional songwriting and has no chorus, but still, it’s an example of a truly perfect Crushing Grief song.

“Road Home” follows a mid-tempo pop-punk song with lyrics about missing home from touring and being away from significant other. The song shows their vocalist Alvendi higher range in the chorus and also the trading-offs vocal inspired by bands like Taking Back Sunday. On the bridge, they incorporate a new element of synth layers and a spacy-delay reminiscent of Angels and Airwaves. The song also features a guest vocal spot from their peer, Wini.

Finally, the closer ‘Let Go’ shows the progression and stylistic jump by Crushing Grief. The chorus is undeniably catchy and then suddenly changes into a hardcore part in the middle with Indhar from the Makassar’s hardcore unit Frontxside, lending his throat-shredding screams. And by the end of the second chorus, they buildup into a very melodic and driving part filled with guitar harmonics as their guitarist Matthias angsty screams ‘Every second I’ve passed/every mountain I’ve climbed’ closing the entire EP.

‘Mountains I’ve Climbed’ is out on every digital platform on October 25th via Moshpit Records. Mixed and mastered by Muhammad Sofyan along with cover art by Ilham Hanifa.


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