One of Our Favorite Releases of 2021 Gets a 7″ Pressing – Crucial Response [Indonesia/USA]

When we saw this news we were STOKED for the band…we’ve been writing about Indonesian hardcore punk band Crucial Response since back in 2017 (here), and we loved them back then, HOWEVER, the band’s brand new EP they released in March of this year is what REALLY

made us back this band as hard as possible. The EP, simply put, fucking RULES.

Today we get to help announce that not only do we think this record rules, but US label Not For The Weak Records also thinks it rules – and rules so much that they’re re-releasing it on 7″ format.

When this came across our radar we jumped all over the label’s DMs to find out how they heard of the band and why they’re doing the most amazing thing possible by supporting an Asian band by releasing their music out in the US. One of the label’s owners Greenough was kind enough to respond.

“I first saw them when the YouTube Chanel Felopunk posted it. I was super intrigued by the art. I’m big on the aesthetics of a band. If you can suck me in by the art without me even hearing the music yet, then I’m already halfway sold on it haha.”

Fully agree that the artwork is amazing – Artist:

“After giving it a listen, I immediately fell in love with it. Then (being the record collector that I am) had to find out where I could get a copy. I searched for them on bandcamp and saw that the label Greedy Dust Records based out of Indonesia put them out and did a small run of tapes. I believe it was a run of 50 initially. I really wanted to grab one, but unfortunately, international shipping is always a nightmare and wildly expensive, especially for just one tape. I then decided I’d buy it digitally so I could at least have a digital copy and support that label.

After a couple of weeks, it was on heavy rotation for me. I seriously couldn’t stop listening to it. I even went back to their older releases and loved them as well. I knew they were a band that really deserved to be pressed to vinyl. I reached out to greedy dust through Instagram to see if I could get a contact for them so I could ask if they’d want to do a record. They immediately sent me the Instagram page for the vocalist. I sent him the idea of us doing a small run of 400 7” and he was really pumped on it. He asked the band and they were stoked as well.”

We of course followed up with the band themselves and they responded, “We really feel so lucky about all of this. We actually didn’t know NFTW Records had sent an offer via email until Greedy Dust forwarded it to us. We can’t believe we have this coming out on 7″! We’re stoked for sure!”

According to Greenough, pressing plants have been backed up from 6 months to a year so he thinks the quickest that pre-orders can go up will be October 1st. “But that’s an estimate!” The label will be pressing a run of 400 records: 130 on lime green and 270 on black.

“Joey and I started Not For The Weak Records to put out our own band records because no one else would. So many people fall into the same scenario and I often think about the awesome bands worldwide that never got the chance to have the opportunity. We have no interest in making money. We only continue to strive to put out bands we love and to provide them with records to share with the world. Music is a very powerful thing and with today’s abilities to be able to connect with people all around the world through it is truly amazing.

So, I guess to answer your question of why we want to put their record out would be because they deserve it.”

Fuck yeah.

Go support the label at the following (the band has no social media currently): is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!