How To Guarantee To Piss People Off? Be An Outspoken Marginalized Person – The Muslims

“Let’s keep it a stack: we’re not getting hate for being an anti-fascist and anti-establishment punk band, we’re getting hate for being an anti-fascist and an anti-establishment punk band that is Black and brown and queer and Muslims. LITERALLY, THAT’S IT!! We’re getting shit because of WHO we legit are and for having the audacity to speak up and shit on [ALL FORMS OF] oppression while also having marginalized identities. Look at how big mad they are, seriously. lol Now let’s ask the obvious question: whyyyyy?!

Anyway, we literally expected no different, because we’ve been living in our bodies and in our skin our entire lives. We know what the fuck is up out here and we aren’t backing down for any unseasoned basement dwellers with numbers in their screen names. What makes the biggest difference now is having Munks be louder than the haters; having y’alls support means the fuckin world to us and that’s what community does and looks like. Let’s give them fucking hell.”

This is what American punk band The Muslims put up on their social media right after dropping their catchy AF new tune ‘Fuck These Fuckin’ Fascists’. They apparently got bombarded in their youtube comments by a bunch of people who got triggered – triggered by what? Being openly anti-fascist? Probably not – who the fuck on this planet is PRO-fascism??? Hahahahaha…

That only leaves one thing, according to the band, their race and ethnicity. Which makes this band even more important today. This is probably why Epitaph Records did the right thing (again – they signed The Linda Lindas recently as well) and signed them right away. The direction that the world seems to be going – back to supporting punk and hardcore bands who actually have something to say as opposed to the coolest breakdowns – is a very good sign.

The fact that the band put up an illustration of Johnny Rotten getting punched in the face is FIRE AS FUCK!!!

It could be because he’s a piece of shit that stands up for racists and even champions outdated notions about Islam:

Clearly, the band rules – go support them:

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