Metallic hardcore band Dagger release new music video [Hong Kong]

Metallic hardcore band Dagger have released a new music video for a track entitled Set Fire [Hong Kong].

The track comes off the band’s upcoming split 7″ that will be released on Dangerous Goods by the end of the summer. Besides the track Set Fire, the 7″ will also include another song called Poison. The band has been playing both these tracks live already. The split 7″ is with Singapore sludge metal band HRVST. If you haven’t checked out you gots to stop smoking that crack and go check ’em out:

Recording-wise, the band went back to Naseem Khan of Parallel Horizons to track the music, and then to Taylor Young at The Pit studios in California to mix.

Paulo of Dangerous Goods had this to say about Dagger’s tracks:

“I felt that on the new tracks Dagger is more focused and pushed their songwriting to another level. You can tell the guys are more cohesive from more time spent writing/touring as a band. I love these new tracks and hope to be able to put them out soon for everyone to enjoy. Stoked!”

The video was shot and edited by Fonghiu Lo (Drummer of Shenzhen hardcore band Shoot The Gun) when the band played in Shenzhen a few weeks ago.

“Shenzhen is one of those pockets in China where there is a small but insanely passionate and dedicated hardcore scene. We’ve seen this little community continue to go all out for bands regardless of genre for over a decade now from our time in King Ly Chee. So when it came to play in Shenzhen we knew we had to set up cameras etc just in case there was some mayhem that may erupt that we could use. As you can see in the video, we were right. As much as this is a way to promote Dagger and our upcoming 7”, this is also our way to give back to the beautiful SZHC scene for their years of love and support to bands who come to their little scene! Look out for their own bands: What A Beautiful Day, Shoot the Gun, Disanxian.” said Riz of Dagger.

Nic of ACPHC/Bruised Willies had this to say about the release:

“The Singapore airport is so much better than Hong Kong’s.”


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