Metal Punk Act Doldrey Just Don’t Let Up! Second Song From New Full Length Up! [Singapore]

If yesterday’s taster of the band’s new full length wasn’t enough, the bastards in Doldrey are back with yet another punch to the gut with second single ‘Endless Torment’. Guys…give us a chance to breathe! Actually, don’t…being pummeled by greatness is an absolute joy. Keep ’em coming!

The band were kind enough to give us the lowdown about this particular song:

“It’s about the inescapable force which sends any soul to their impending doom for all the absurd actions that they thought they got away with. An eternal void of madness for the unrepentant.”

And in terms of the music video itself? “We wanted to materialize the Doldrey berserker into life, to refine the sonic frequencies of Doldrey’s sound. A majestic battle of your fears in every song that the listener hears.”

If you miss the post about the band and their pre-orders make sure to hit the link HERE to read up on it and to check out the badass track they released yesterday.

Doldrey or Death.

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