Bands Who Level Up With Every Release? Singapore’s Metal Punk Act Doldrey Is One Of Those

Yesterday Malaysian powerviolence band Rect released their latest debut EP and already knocked us down to our knees (check it HERE), today Singaporean metal punk act Doldrey have completely leveled us. And that’s only after releasing ONE single from their upcoming full-length ‘Celestial Deconstruction’ to be released on Iron Lung Records on August 19 (pre-orders up now). When the full length drops, we might as well dig our own graves and just lie in there the moment we press play.

Fans of the band will immediately be pleasantly surprised at how they’ve leveled up in every imaginable way by listening to this first taste (we’ve been writing about them since their inception back in 2018 – HERE). Vocally, musically, and sonically, everything seems to have been further refined from their previous releases. In other words, the band just keeps getting better and better at what they do.

So what is it that they do for the uninitiated? Fans of Celtic Frost, Anti Cimex, d beat, hardcore punk, HM-2, raw punk energy, old school death metal, death punk…fuck…basically anything and everything that is good about more raw, aggressive, metal-infused punk will LOVE this. And if this is the first time listening to Doldrey, the track streaming below ‘Blood of the Serpent’ is a fucking great place to start! After that…go down the Doldrey rabbit hole of previous releases (further below).

Can’t wait to hear the full album!!!


Debut EP (2018)

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