Members of Krusty/Thy Regiment/Skunkfix/Always Last Form Man Dead Set Release Debut Tracks [Malaysia]

Check out Malaysian hardcore punk band Man Dead Set formed by members of a whole bunch of Malaysian hardcore and punk bands. Here’s the full write up that the band was kind enough to send us:

“The band was formed in 2018. It was initially a side project for a bunch of old friends because all the members are busy with their own thing (and adult life). It all started when the guitarist Dean and Shah (bass) thought about starting a less-committed project band at Min’s (the drummer) workplace, a music shop selling instruments in Kuala Lumpur. Min by the way is actively involved in several other bands. The band roped in Alwee from Krusty / Thy Regiment to help with the vocals department. So we decided to do some jam sessions together and after a while, songs were written and we felt that we have enough songs to actually make a record. The name Man Dead Set came after a few months of not knowing what to call ourselves and we ended up with it because we are dead set to make a record for the band although each one of us is very busy.

The songs were written based on our common interest in music perspectives. Songs that came out were full of angst, a combination of fast and groovy, punk rock-ish, hardcore (old or new school, and everything in between). Min was the drummer for some punk rock bands such as Skunkfix and Always Last, so we had some strong foundation in our punk rock-influenced songs by him. The combination of ideas from all the members created the sound of the band’s debut record / EP called “Too Early to Be Late”. The record consist of 10 songs, compact, short, fast and groovy tracks. 2 promo songs from the record is up on our bandcamp page. We hope the record sounds great to anyone who took the time to listen to it and hoped the listeners feel the same energy and fun the band had while recording it.

The lyrics are a combination of topics, from about releasing the stress within one-self due to life, work, and any other adult commitments, topics about having motivation and cliché topics of being sick of the constant discrimination, disparity, and conflicts we often hear in the news nowadays.

Thanks to the promoters that gave the band a chance, Man Dead Set had the opportunity to open shows for several touring bands, and our first show was opening for Palm from Japan for their KL leg of their tour in November 2018. After that the band opened for Accidente from Spain, Implore from Germany to name them a few. It was great exposure for the band, which on the other hand convinced ourselves to keep the band going with a little bit more commitment.

For now, we are promoting the newly released record which was recorded by our long time acquaintance Mokhtar at Iseekmusic Studio. Released under Framework Records in CD format and soon on tapes. We had so much fun making the record and had planned to tour but unfortunately mother nature took its course with the pandemic, halted all our plans.

What’s next for the band is to write more songs since the pandemic has given us some time to come out with new ideas together. We hope to release splits with other bands from around the Asian region and beyond with it. As for touring, it’s still in the back of our minds, but let us see what the future holds.”

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