Punk Band Ultralazy Release Debut EP [Korea]

Dayum…this is such a DOPE debut EP! Check out Korean punk band Ultralazy on their 4 track release that they just dropped without any fanfare…go help ’em out! This is what Korean label World Domination Inc had to say:

“After a year of barely practicing, only playing a few shows, drinking way too much, and being so unproductive that it’s almost impressive, UltraLazy simply couldn’t find a way to procrastinate any longer. So they finally released their debut self-titled album. In true UltraLazy fashion, they posted the album for free/name-your-own-price on their Bandcamp page last night and didn’t tell anyone. Seriously….what is wrong with these guys?!?

Anyway, despite their best efforts to accomplish as little as possible, they’ve put out a solid first EP. Be sure to give it a listen, and throw them a little money when you download it to help encourage them to get back in the studio quickly to give us some more great music as soon as possible.”


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