Melodic Punk Mainstays Iman’s League Drop 7th Release! [Singapore]

Dayumn – Singaporean melodic punk rock mainstays Iman’s League have just dropped their SEVENTH release, a 5 track EP aptly entitled ‘Seventh’. This is Iman’s League’s first time producing a “long-distance” album with everything being recorded in Singapore but all the tracks were sent over to Binary Studios in Korea where it was produced, mixed & mastered by Jeff Moses(WDI).

“We had been working with Jeff and WDI for 8 years and after getting to know that Jeff had been working on his production studios, we straight away jumped to the decision that we will get him to produce this record. The idea of doing a “long-distance” recording came about during the Pandemic. Jeff knows his stuff and most importantly shares the same musical influence as the band. This is also our first time working with a producer who also listened to Punk rock and knows exactly the sound, the energy, and the vibes we are looking for in an EP. After hearing a few tracks that were produced by him (WinningShot, Whatever That Means) we knew we had made the right decision even before we started to track the EP,” states the band.

As a site that loves knowing more about themes and meanings of songs, we had to of course pester the band to give us more info on that front. “This time round we decided not to restrict our creativity and write whatever we felt like writing. Of course, we don’t stray much from our previous albums. The songs are fast & melodic. We also tried to keep every song short and sweet with every song hitting less than the 3mins mark except “Get To You” which is the longest track at 4min & 14s. Influence & inspiration for this album came from bands like Symphony Of Distraction, No Use For A Name, Northern 19, Totalfat just to name a few. The songs are about the following:

Hey Hey Hey – A short 1 min song to sum up the feel and energy of the EP.HeyHeyHey is a wake-up call for self-centered human beings.

Get To You – Longest song in the EP, a song about remembering where we came from, a reminder not to let our success and achievements get to us.

Suzanna- Typical high school love song about the one who got away

Stranded – Life is a cycle, the ups and downs always leave us stranded and clueless about what to do. At the end of the day, if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be

Breaking out – Friends grow old, some will stay but most of them will eventually leave you. Get over it and move on with the ones who truly deserve it.”

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