Lina and Yvan are still missing – here is important detail of the information received thus far

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Lina and Yvan are still missing – please help us gather information to find them.

To give you an update we summarize what information was given to us. Unfortunately we are not able to examine all the information, some information given to us does not sound reliable at all. Please help us.

1. Lina and Yvan arrived in Indonesia on November 24th 2016. Copies of their Passports confirm this.

2. Lina withdrew money on December 1st 2016 in Sumatra. After that there had not been any transactions made, German central police confirmed.

3. On December 5th 2016 Lina and Yvan checked into the “LAE KOMBIH INN” in PALAU BALAI. They told people there that they are planing a two week camping trip. They left Yvan’s backpack at the hostel. Belgian embassy confirmed, that the passports were in the backpack, we only got photos of copies of the passports.

4. According to information provided by the German and Belgian embassies, they rented kayaks on December 6th 2016 on PALAU BALAI. We got  contact information of  kayak stations from the embassies, unfortunately this place did not rent out kayaks to Lina and Yvan. A friend talked to people there but unfortunately no contact could be established to the place that provided Lina and Yvan with the boats.

5. A security person stationed on PALAU ASOK has confirmed that they visited the island. Presumably on December 10th 2016 they left the island. There is unconfirmed information that they were given warnings about bad weather conditions but left anyway.

6. More unconfirmed information: a fisherman claims that he offered them to tow their kayak on rather PALAU ASOK than PALAU PALAMBAK but they could not agree on a price therefore they continued by kayak. This information was supposedly given to  a kayak rental station on December 30th 2016. The information, that on 30.12. an agreement about a Price with fisherman could Not be reached is not confirmed by authorities.

7. Divers claim to have seen the couple arriving or passing PALAU PALAMBAK on December 10th 2016. This information was giving to the kayak station on December 14th 2016.

8. We got a text message from Lina on December 12th 2016: They were on a remote island and happy to see us back in Germany in the first week of January 2017. This was the last sign of life we got.

9. They never picked up Yvan’s backpack. Both never left Indonesia. They did not take their flight back from Bangkok on January 1st 2017. They did not try to change or cancel the flight.

10. A short video shot in low quality with a maybe hidden camera shows Lina and Yvan sitting together with an Indonesian man. The sound quality is very bad. The date on the video is December 3rd 2016 which fits the line of events that we have so far. Witnesses claim that the video was shot on December 26th 2016. According to this witnesses Lina and Yvan wanted to go from SIBOLGA to KUALA NAMU, maybe to the airport. There is the possibility that the wrong date was given because Indonesian media reported Lina and Yvan arrived in Indonesia on December 24th 2016.

From Belgian authorities we heard, that the date of the video was not confirmed.

11. Other statements on sightings of the couple could not be proven by now.

12. There are several news reports on the case in German, Belgian and Indonesian media, but they often contain false information, especially regarding the dates.

13. Search and Rescue searched with speedboat for them in Banyak area, starting on 6th of January. For two days a helicopter was used. Official search is finished according to Search and Rescue standard procedure. 

14. A German friend of a friend and an Indonesian friend of a friend will continue the search and hand out leaflets  with information about the couple. There will be a reward for finding them, exact amount of money and contact information will be found on the leaflets that we will publish soon.”

If you have any further information please email immediately: [email protected]

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