Indian Death Grind Band GORIFIED Make Their Return After Being Out for 10 Years

Hailing from Bangalore and formed in 2004, GORIFIED has dedicated themselves to crafting the sickest and most brutal sounds in the scene. Their unique style, known as gory death/grind, fuses influences from brutal death metal and gore-grind, drawing inspiration from bands like Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Cryptopsy, Disgorge (Mexico), Deeds Of Flesh, Mortician, Sanity’s Dawn, and Exhumed. The band’s music is heavily influenced by horror, gore, splatter movies, human anatomy, and diseases.

Since their inception, Gorified has left an indelible mark on the underground music scene. Their 2006 debut demo, “Ruptured Within Seconds,” released worldwide on Sevared Records, received immense praise from the brutal death metal and goregrind community. They had the honor of co-headlining Malaysia’s Dismembering Asia Fest in 2010 alongside Putrid Pile and Wormrot, showcasing their prowess on an international stage. However, due to various lineup changes and core member Gani (guitars) moving abroad, the band remained largely inactive for the past decade.

Finally, in 2020, Gorified broke their silence and released their highly anticipated debut album, “Reeking Mass Of Festering Remains,” via Sevared Records. The album received widespread acclaim and quickly sold out. In 2021, they delighted their fans with a compelling compilation titled “It’s Not Fear That Tear’s You’ll Apart… It’s Us,” jointly released on Sevared Records and Russia’s Coyote Records.

Now, after ten years, Gorified is set to make a thunderous comeback at STRESS//TEST 3, promising an onslaught of splattering, gory death/grind madness. This exclusive show is not to be missed by fans, both old and new. With their impressive legacy and unrivaled savagery, Gorified stands as one of India’s undisputed brutal forces.

Regarding their reunion, Charles (vocals) from Gorified commented, “With Ganesh (guitars) currently enjoying a rare holiday in India, we seized the opportunity to arrange a special one-off show with our new lineup, where we’ll showcase songs from our album. To make this event even more exciting, we approached our good friends DSimon, Anoop, and Kaushal from Spectral Decay. They have a reputation for organizing regular gigs and boast a dedicated fan base that attends all of their shows. It was a natural choice to have them host our reunion show, and we couldn’t be happier that they accepted. We’re eagerly looking forward to taking the stage once again and unleashing 30 minutes of intense and brutal gory death/grind from our debut album, “Reeking Mass Of Festering Remains.” Don’t forget to grab your t-shirts, CDs, and patches at the show. Get ready for a gory and delicious surprise!”

STRESS//TEST 3 is brought to you by Spectral Decay, a dynamic collective based in Bangalore, India, dedicated to fostering the thriving underground music movement in the subcontinent. Founded by Kaushal LS, DSimon Santiago, and Anoop Bhat, Spectral Decay has revitalized Bangalore’s alternative music landscape through their DIY concert series. STRESS//TEST 3 will take place on August 6th at Fandom at Gilly’s Redefined in Bangalore, Karnataka. Phase 1 and Phase 2 tickets have already sold out, but Phase 3 tickets are still available for a limited time on PayTM Insider. is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!