“The Inability to Appreciate Someone Else’s Success” Scream Folk Metal Act DYMBUR [India]

Indian Folk Metal band DYMBUR are back with a new single.

“This song talks about the crab mentality of people and communities of the modern world. When you leave a single crab in a bucket it is likely to find a way to climb out but if there is more than one crab in the bucket then not a single crab will escape because the crab that has reached the top will be pulled down by the others that are at the bottom.

The last lines of the song ‘bloody crabs in a toxic bucket all die’ simply means that the crabs are covered in their own blood as they snap away at each other and the toxic bucket signifies the negative environment in which they thrive. The inability to appreciate or to be envious of someone else’s success is what this song is all about.”


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