History of grindcore “SLAVE TO THE GRIND” Indonesia premieres announced

History of grindcore “SLAVE TO THE GRIND” Indonesia premieres announced:

“Indonesia will be the first country in South East Asia to held a documentary screening of Slave To The Grind. This Doug Brown’s directed movie will be premiered in more than 20 cities in Indonesia by this end of October 2018.

This movie worked by Toronto-Canada based production house, Death By Digital, since 2015. Slave To The Grind is a 100-minute documentary, telling the story about the birth of the fastest and most aggressive music genre in the world, the result of a combination of Punk and Metal music.

Slave To The Grind premiered at Calgary Underground Film Festival in Calgary, Canada, April 21, 2018. Continuing to the promo tour, this movie also screened in some music and film festival like Obscene Extreme (Czech), Oakland Deadfest (USA), San Fransisco Frozen Film Festival (USA), Grossman’s Fantastic Film and Wine Festival (Slovenia) and more.

Slave To The Grind featured many interviews with underground musician such as Pig Destroyer, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Repulsion, Carcass, Fuck The Facts, Municipal Waste, Discordance Axis, Anal Cunt and many others.

“The movie will be premiered in some cities of Indonesia. Hopefully friends and music enthusiast in every cities will get a good information from the movie. This also a good chance to show the enthusiasm and underground musician from Indonesia music scene are worth to count“, said Afriyandi Wibisono (Semarang On Fire), Slave To The Grind Indonesia Premiere coordinator.

Regarding the technical issue, Afriyandi Wibisono has communicated with friends, musician, and community in some cities that participated on this premiere. “There was a lot of enthusiasm from friends in various cities, especially at the last minute. So far there are 25 cities who have confirmed. They are friends from various collective”, He said.

Slave To The Grind premiered in Indonesia carried out in various ways. Some are held along with a gigs, others make a discussion with local music figures. “We invite friends to make their own content. The most important thing is the movie can be presented optimally. Premiere also carried out independently by friends in each city involved”.”

The following list is the schedule of cities that will hold Slave To The Grind premiere:

October 26th 2018 – Semarang
October 27th 2018 – Banda Aceh
October 27th 2018 – Batam
October 27th 2018 – Bojonegoro
October 27th 2018 – Magelang
October 27th 2018 – Tangerang
October 28th 2018 – Jakarta
October 28th 2018 – Cimahi
October 28th 2018 – Denpasar
October 28th 2018 – Jambi
October 28th 2018 – Medan
October 28th 2018 – Padang
October 28th 2018 – Pontianak
October 29th 2018 – Bandung
October 29th 2018 – Palembang
October 30th 2018 – Balikpapan
October 30th 2018 – Bintan
October 30th 2018 – Kediri
October 30th 2018 – Makassar
October 30th 2018 – Siantar
October 31st 2018 – Malang
October 31st 2018 – Pekanbaru
October 31st 2018 – Purwokerto
October 31st 2018 – Surabaya
October 31st 2018 – Tasikmalaya

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