Hardcore Punk Band NIGHTJAR Release Marvel-Inspired New Single ‘Nightcrawler’ [Malaysia]

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NIGHTJAR, a four-piece hardcore punk band from Kuala Lumpur, was formed in 2020. Comprising Jimmy Idris on vocals and guitars, Hisham aka Sam Pangkers, and Afnan48v on guitars, as well as Ezanear Ahmad aka Ijam on drums, Nightjar emerged from the remnants of the disbanded thrashcore group Suicide Me Not! (2003-2007), with three former members involved in this new project.

Following the disbandment of Suicide Me Not!, the individual members pursued different musical endeavors such as The Goodfellas, the brilliant Milo Dinosaur, and Hyper Act, exploring diverse genres outside of hardcore. Nightjar, drawing inspiration from the nocturnal avian species known for its distinctive vocalisations, released their first single ‘Kau Bukan Bossku’ (‘You’re not my boss’) on November 16, 2022.

Looking ahead, Nightjar plans to release future music that showcases their unique sound and character, exploring darker variations of hardcore, punk, and metal. The band is tipped to release its six-track debut EP sometime in August or September of 2023.

The recordings for Nightcrawler and the upcoming EP were produced by Nightjar member Jimmy and spanned several months from March 2022. Hafiz Ahmad recorded the drums at Greenhouse Studio, while the remainder of the work was predominantly completed at Cry Baby Studio by School of Audio Engineering (SAE) UK-trained sound engineer Afnan48v, who now serves as the band’s second guitarist.

Today, the band has released their brand new single ‘Nightjar’ and have sent in this beautifully written press release for it:

“The song showcases a captivating blend of influences from Nightjar frontman Jimmy Idris’ favorite anti-hero comic characters such as The Punisher, Spider Jerusalem, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider. Additionally, the name ‘Nightcrawler’ is a nod to the namesake Marvel character and the 2014 neo-noir psychological thriller film.

The band’s latest single also arrives ahead of their highly-anticipated 6-track debut EP, which is expected to be released sometime in August or September this year. The EP is tipped to have physical releases by several Southeast Asian several labels by the end of 2023.

Drawing inspiration from notable metal acts like Deafheaven and Cradle of Filth, as well as hardcore bands including Strife, Comeback Kid, Integrity, From Ashes Rise, and Tragedy, Nightjar has crafted a unique musical experience in ‘Nightcrawler’. For this particular track, the band has also delved into more obscure groups like the pioneering French emotive hardcore outfit Fingerprint, among others.

In describing the lyrical content, Jimmy shared: “The lyrics for ‘Nightcrawler’ came from a dark place within me, but they are mostly fictional. The song portrays a character who exists in the night while the world sleeps. Like his surroundings, he carries an aura of darkness, despair, and absolute disconnection from those around him. His anguish is etched into his very being, and he has condemned the earth, vowing to witness its eventual destruction.”

The name ‘Nightcrawler’ holds special significance for Jimmy (real name A. Azim Idris), who is a journalist working night shifts. Roaming the impoverished areas of Kuala Lumpur to cover stories of homelessness and urban poverty, Jimmy’s adopted nickname ‘Nightcrawler’ reflects his dedication to shedding light on social issues.

The lyrics of ‘Nightcrawler’ capture the essence of the protagonist’s shattered dreams, enveloped in the tragedy of loneliness. His undying spirit is now confronted with the need to grieve, haunted by a past that offers no respite. The song’s metaphorical oceans of despair serve as a backdrop, unable to alter his history.

Nightjar’s latest single ‘Nightcrawler’ is a testament to their ability to craft evocative and thought-provoking music. The band’s fusion of hardcore punk, thrash, metal, and emotional elements creates an intense sonic experience that resonates with extreme music fans.”

Artwork for this single was done by none other than our wonderful friend Dean of Social Circuit/Kids On the Move general nicest of the nicest dudes:


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