A Good Lesson About “Allies”

It’s really important to make sure you know who claim to be your “allies”. This Australian based illustrator was a strong ally of the Hong Kong protest movement in the early days. Often creating really poignant and timely protest art that was able to capture the situation on the ground and the absurdity and brutality of our police and government.

Starting near the end of 2019 he seemed to have a change of tune which became even more apparent as he resorted to quite aggressive mannerisms and language when people disagreed with him.

Still, we stood by him because of his earlier unflinching support for the movement here in Hong Kong.

Earlier today, he blocked us. Hahahahaha…

Enjoy the full interaction below. It is priceless comedy. Humorous on so many levels 1) that an artist is telling us that we are not entitled to our own interpretation of art, 2) once he loses the capacity to have a rationale debate about the art (which is the purpose of art isn’t it? To spark dialogue and discussion?) he decides to block us.

Please keep everyone in China in your hearts…especially the brave male and female nurses and doctors who are on the frontline ill-prepared both mentally and physically through a lack of proper protective gear. Make sure to check out our previous post: https://uniteasia.org/brave-wuhan-resident-sends-plea-world-via-video-please-watch/

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