Brave Wuhan Resident Sends Plea To The World Via Video – Please Watch

If you are a frequent visitor to you should know where we stand in terms of our politics. We are based out of Hong Kong and for the past 7 months (and for YEARS BEFORE) we have stood up for our freedoms, rights and our fellow Hong Kong citizens in order to protect and maintain the life and culture of our city that has been eroding away for the past 20 years.

While we here are, for the time being, still able to get online and not have to use crap like VPN’s to access international websites and are still able to express our opinions online (i.e. The leader of Hong Kong is a bitch), we have brothers and sisters in China who aren’t able to. If they express anything counter to the government narrative that is forced down people’s throats, they are risking not only their own lives but the lives of their families as well. That’s why most comments from China seem to be 100% in support of the police in Hong Kong and in support of the highly inept Hong Kong government. Regardless of how many millions of Hong Kong people despise both – for some reason across the border, all we ever hear about is how much Mainland Chinese consider the Hong Kong police “heroes”.

Here’s some examples of these “heroes”:

But we know, there is no way to brainwash every single one of the billion+ people who live in China. There have to be people in China who stand with us, they’re just not brave enough to say anything for fear of reprisal.

By now you should be aware of a Wuhan Coronavirus that is spreading all over the world. Many may think this seemingly came out of nowhere, but in fact, it was being reported about back in early December. But as is anything negative about China, it was immediately suppressed and hidden by the gigantic Chinese monitoring apparatus that watches and monitors ALL communication within the country. Now that this has spread worldwide, the government seems to have “jumped” into action.

Here’s a video of the quality of “protective” gear the government is sending out to all the poor frontline nurses and doctors:

Here’s a compilation of ordinary lives currently in Wuhan:

A brave young man in Wuhan has now released the video below that is being shared widely as he pleas for the world to recognize the trauma and tragedy taking place in Wuhan (the epicenter of the outbreak) and being spread across the country, and around the world.

Please watch it – it has English subtitles – please spread it far and wide. We hope this young man’s life will continue to be safe…

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