Ex-Vocalist of Self Deconstruction, Kubine, Returns With Industrial Act – Debut EP Up [Japan]

The phenomenal ex-vocalist of Self Deconstruction, Kubine, has returned to the world of Japanese extreme music with a brand new solo project called Kubine. She has released her debut 3 track industrial metal EP right fucking NOW. Kubine was kind enough to even give us a few words about it.

UA: Kubine – that little trailer you released for your new project is amazing!
Kubine: Thanks! I started the project almost 2 years ago because I don’t know how to use any music software to create music. So it took me a LONG time to learn how to use it and finally I’m able to release this EP!

UA: And this is a one-person project or do you have other members?
Kubine: I am the only member of the project!

UA: Awesome!!!! And why did you choose to play industrial metal?
Kubine: I have no specific reason, but when I started to create music it just came out techno-sounding and I just wanted to scream all over it. So maybe it turned out the way it did!

Go support her at the following links:

Music: https://lit.link/kubine


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