EPISODE 04 Unite Asia Podcast | Yan of After After Party/Hard Candy [Hong Kong]

Unite Asia Podcast 第四集。 今次我請來punk 樂隊 Hard Candy 同 After After Party 嘅Yan接受訪問。 即使我哋住喺同一城市, 但係佢嘅punk rock 道路就同我截然不同! Yan提到自己來自一個傳統的中國家庭,並喺一間非常傳統的本地學校讀書,佢點樣想擺脫所有嘅傳統枷鎖,過住自由自在嘅生活,活出自信。

訪問過程非常好玩。 要喺呢度同啱啱訂婚嘅Yan講聲恭喜恭喜!!!

Personally am very proud of this episode because I get to show the world a little bit of what Hong Kong has to offer in terms of punk rock. We don’t have a lively punk rock scene by any stretch of the imagination, but what we do have, is diehard people raised on punk rock who are still living that mentality today.

One of those die-hards is most definitely my good friend Yan who started in the classic Hong Kong noise-punk band Hard Candy (pictured above) and has graduated on to her latest endeavor After After Party. Both bands have music up on our favorite platform bandcamp so check those out in the links below.

This whole conversation was easily the longest one I had with a guest because I’ve known this guest for over 20 years with both our previous bands King Ly Chee and Hard Candy often playing shows together and basically being part of the same underground Hong Kong hardcore punk scene. Even though we’ve known each other for a long time (for example, I’ve ALWAYS known her love for Bikini Kill!), it was so cool to hear her story of how she got into punk rock growing up in Hong Kong attending very traditional local schools and coming for a traditional Chinese family.

I hope you enjoy the episode and spread the word!

Also, Yan just got engaged a few days ago! CONGRATS!!! (She wants to point out that in her real wedding she will be wearing a different wedding dress than the one in the photo above 🙂

Hit up all of Yan’s social media links here:

❌ AFTER AFTER PARTY FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/afterafterpartyhk/
❌ AFTER AFTER PARTY YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBgln99iLWDk33HsrA6adCA
❌ AFTER AFTER PARTY INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/afterafterpartyhk/
❌ HARD CANDY BANDCAMP: https://hardcandyhk.bandcamp.com/

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