Emotional Rock Act Seth Release Music Video And Track From New Album [Japan]

Seth is a Japanese emotional rock act comprising of members of the following hardcore bands: Meaning, mynameis…, and 反好旗 (HANKOUKI). Today they’ve released a music video and a track off their second full length.

“Following the departure of their guitarist, the pianos came to the forefront of the melody, poetically intertwining stillness and motion. While the new instrumentation reflects changes, Seth remains true to who they are. 3 featured artists even appear on this record, yet each guest is matched so perfectly, it’s as if these songs were composed with this other compatibility in mind.
Seth’s lyrics tread on piercing topics like a story written about “the march through vulnerability.” We cannot lie and tell ourselves everything is beautiful. The longer we look away, the stagnation clouds and darkens our reality. At times it’s a story that is cruel, but on this record, each word seems to pinpoint the tiny cracks where rays of light may shine through our fragility.”

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