Emo Band eleventwelfth Release First Single Off Long-Awaited Debut Album [Indonesia]

Yoooooo…we’ve loved this Indonesian emo band eleventwelfth for so many years that even WE’RE in shock that they’re only NOW going to release their debut album. CRAZY.

Here’s the full write-up:

“eleventwelfth is here to present the most ambitious music they have created so far. after 6 years of actively releasing music, they are finally ready to reveal their much-anticipated debut full-length for the first time. titled “SIMILAR”, this long-playing record will consist of everything they wanted to be, to push the limit of their own creativity, and to challenge themselves of what kind of art they are capable to construct. released under Angular//Momentum Records, an independent label from Jakarta which eleventwelfth has been signed on since 2021, in the upcoming March of 2023 this album will tend to be worth the time they’ve spent developing.

eleventwelfth began to build coherence in 2017, when they released their self-titled EP, and continue to release music on December 11th each year up until this date. this year will be no different, as they announced the lead single titled “(stay here) for a while” from their upcoming release. after 2 years since their latest release which is a single compilation titled “everything after”, “SIMILAR” is set to break free from the mind of eleventwelfth to be heard.

“SIMILAR” was already a concept initiated in 2018 and it takes half a decade for eleventwelfth to initialize the idea and finished the craft. with the songwriting started out in 2018, “SIMILAR” was eventually recorded in 5 different recording studios from 2020 to 2022.

“(stay here) for a while” is selected as the lead single by eleventwelfth from “SIMILAR” to subvert the expectation coming from their listener and to also spark the potential to broaden their audience as well. incorporating string ensemble arrangement and mallet percussion instrument, “(stay here) for a while” evolves eleventwelfth sounds by playing pop music in an acoustic manner while still changing time signature as their math rock roots to enhance its listening experience. this song tells a story of how little moments spent with the ones you love may become the last thing you could experience and by listening to this song eleventwelfth hope that anyone can always cherish the moment and live life to the fullest as you’ll never know what life will hand you.”


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