Death metal band Killer of Gods release music video [Indonesia]

Killer Of Gods, a death metal group based in Semarang, Indonesia, just put their newest music video, “Semesta” on the band’s YouTube channel on Sunday (2018/2/4). Killer Of Gods took a new song from the upcoming release, and also present their latest band formation.

Same as the title (“Semesta” means “Universe” in English), “Semesta” tell about the universe, especially our nature. The nature which has been destroyed by reign of humans. The music video sets on ex. Sky Garden Hotel, located in Gombel Hill, Semarang. However, local citizen believed that the place are so frightening as it’s an eerie place!

Killer Of Gods create a semi-pleythrough music video, in collaboration with Semarang On Fire and iWod Creative Labs (a local independent collective and record studio, based in Semarang). The group try to not only showing the clip, but also the detail and players technique.

Killer Of Gods was formed in 2011. They’ve released 2 studio albums which is, “Replica To Hell” (2012) and “Mental Retardation Force” on 2016. They changed the formation for several times. For now, the group consist of Bocil Arga (Vocal), Reka (Guitar), Themus (Bass), Yusuf (Drum) and Dipto from Machine of Rebellion (Jakarta based death metal band) as new guitar player.

Dipto brought a quite influence for the band, especially their music style which going more progressive and also groovy. Just like this song they try to brought.

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