Death Metal Badasses Godless Release Lyric Video [India]

As Hyderabad, India-based death metal quintet GODLESS prepares for their debut album, States of Chaos, to drop, they’ve released a brand new guitar playthrough video of their second single, “Orbits of Decay“. The single was premiered last week via Decibel Magazine. It was an interactive 360° lyric video, which can be streamed.

The band states, “Orbits of Decay” is a harsh reminder that life is insignificant when juxtaposed with the vast and unforgiving black void that is outer space. Particularly while witnessing an event of extinction.”

States Of Chaos sees GODLESS delivering eight intense and unfaltering tracks of their thrash-laced death metal which promise to pummel the listener into submission. Thematically, the album explores topics hinging on psychological trepidation and terror and phantasmagorias of dreamscapes that are sure to induce nightmares.

From their inauspicious origins within a very exotic metal music scene, GODLESS slowly rose to the very top of India’s death metal class. Interestingly, throughout this gradual but inexorable climb, the members of the band didn’t distinguish themselves for bringing innovations to the genre so much as for their unapologetic commitment to pure, unadulterated, lightning-fast, ear-shredding, thrash-influenced death metal.

Over time, GODLESS has proven themselves to be at the vanguard of the metal movement in the subcontinent, and with their debut LP, States Of Chaos, the band aims to propel their brand of death metal to more parts of the globe more than ever before.

The band has started taking pre-orders and the album is releasing on LP/CD/DD on the 19th of November, along with a load of merchandise options. The store link can be found [HERE]

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