On This Dark Day (Yet Another) For Our City of Hong Kong – Metalcore Act Okeanoz Drop MV

If you are not aware of what’s going on in Hong Kong today…read up HERE. On this dark day where all our prominent pro-democracy politicians, lawmakers, and activists of Hong Kong are now sitting behind bars to be arraigned tomorrow morning in court for which they could go to jail FOR LIFE, metalcore band Okeanoz has dropped their debut MV that sums up the feelings of us Hong Kongers.

The band was formed back in 2017 and have finally released their debut track ‘Cage’ after years of going back and forth trying to figure out their musical direction. “Our first released single “Cage” marks the beginning of our journey. The song is about the people’s revolt against ridiculous people and societies. With aggressive riffs and breakdowns, we hope to waken people’s feelings and emotions within. If you know, you know.”

The band invited a prominent, and well-loved, pro-democracy activist Wong Ji Yuet Prince to be the lead actress for the end portion of the song. In this portion, everyone walks past her and pats her on the shoulder signifying that she has the people’s support.

Today, she is one of the 47 people arrested who could face life imprisonment tomorrow morning.

“We would like to express our appreciation to every single one who sacrificed their freedom for our home.”

Please think about those awaiting an unfair jail sentence for standing up for the city they love and cherish. Please think about their loved ones, spouses, and children who will not see them for many years or ever again.

香港人 – 加油.


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