D Beat Punk Bands DISM [Malaysia] Announce Split With DISM [Sweden] – Looking For Labels

Formed in 2016, Malaysian d beat punk band DISM have just announced that they’re released a split 7″ with DISM from Sweden. When we asked how this came about, Malaysian’s DISM informed us “This idea came from Viktor Jonsson of DISM (Sweden). He texted me after finding out that there was already a DISM in the world – from Malaysia – which he only found out after releasing his band’s debut album ‘Demon’ on Bandcamp. After talking for a bit we decided to put out a split featuring both bands.”

The crazy part is that though the music is already recorded, they still haven’t secured a label to release the split. “If any label or distro wants to release this we totally welcome them. If not, we’ll just release it ourselves – we understand that most DIY labels have huge financial burdens and are just trying to survive through the pandemic.”

If any labels are interested – hit up the band directly at the link below:


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